Avantax Inc., a tax-focused financial planning and wealth management firm, has acquired GA Investment Management, a Pennsylvania-based wealth management firm. This acquisition has led to the onboarding of $400 million in GA client assets and the transition of 10 GA employees to Avantax. The acquisition is part of GA’s succession planning and aligns closely with Avantax’s tax-centric financial planning approach. Avantax’s expansive network of tax and accounting firm affiliates was a significant factor in GA choosing Avantax for this acquisition. The two firms also share the use of eMoney for enhanced client experiences, solidifying the cultural fit between them. GA’s key leaders, including Stephen Gierl, Gary Augustine, and Tim Augustine, have joined Avantax in various capacities. Avantax President Todd Mackay expressed enthusiasm about the merger, emphasizing the strong cultural and strategic alignment between the two companies.

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