Sensorium Technological Laboratories has appointed David J. Ferran as its new Chief Executive Officer, reporting directly to the Board of Directors. Ferran brings over thirty years of executive leadership experience, having previously served in senior roles at companies such as Tylan General Corporation, Akrion Systems, Mattson Technologies, Ferran Technologies, and Noblemen Group. At Sensorium, Ferran will lead the commercialization of technologies developed by a global research team based at Vanderbilt University and institutions in the UK and Italy. The appointment is timely as Sensorium, backed by early-stage venture capital firm Quantonation, seeks to advance in the field of ultra-precise sensing devices using new tunable materials for micro-electronic and industrial applications. Founders Joshua Caldwell and Simone De Liberato expressed their enthusiasm, highlighting Ferran’s leadership capabilities and experience. Ferran, now fully integrated into the team, shares the excitement about the company’s innovative potential and future growth prospects.

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