The article details the impact of Midven Limited, part of the Future Planet Capital Group, in managing the MEIF West Midlands Equity Fund. The fund completed in December 2023, having made 49 investments aimed at fostering high-growth businesses in the Midlands. Key highlights include the creation of 432 direct jobs, significant revenue growth for portfolio companies like Natural HR, and major investments in sectors including technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. Midven has also championed diversity and inclusion through investments in companies led by diverse leadership teams, such as Ostique and Nylahs Naturals. Furthermore, the article showcases Midven’s commitment to supporting sustainable growth, with long-term strategies for firms like Sign Solutions and new market leaders like OLPRO and When in Rome. Significant attention is given to the MedTech sector, revealing Midven’s strategy of driving innovation through healthcare technology investments.

Private Equity, Healthcare & MedTech, Technology, Consumer Goods,United Kingdom