The Omani National Investment Development Company “Tanmia” and SICO BSC (c) have launched the “Tanmia Liquidity Fund” valued at USD 126 million. This initiative aims to enhance market depth, boost liquidity, and promote long-term capital growth on the Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX). The timing of this launch coincides with ongoing reforms within Oman’s capital markets, including new IPOs, revised regulations for market making, and intensified promotional activities by MSX. Khalid bin Awadh Al Balushi, CEO of Tanmia, stated that this fund represents a milestone and is part of Tanmia’s ongoing commitment to sustainable investments that maximize shareholder value. Najla M. Al Shirawi, Group CEO of SICO, emphasized how a robust and liquid market can spur economic growth and diversification. The SICO-Tanmia partnership intends to replicate the success of SICO’s Bahrain Liquidity Fund, which improved market liquidity and company valuations significantly. SICO manages USD 6.2 billion in assets and operates under a wholesale banking license from the Central Bank of Bahrain.

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