CUBE, a pioneering entity in the field of Automated Regulatory Intelligence (ARI) and Regulatory Change Management (RCM), recently made a significant move in its ongoing growth strategy by acquiring the regulatory intelligence and Oden products and businesses from global information powerhouse Thomson Reuters. This bold acquisition marks a considerable enhancement to CUBE’s market capabilities, endowing the company with a more substantial footprint in the global financial industry. CUBE’s customer base will see an exponential rise, totaling approximately 1,000 entities across sectors that include banking, insurance, and asset management, among others. The addition of approximately 250 regulatory, legal, and compliance experts to CUBE’s workforce will undoubtably enrich the firm’s in-house expertise, translating into a total of 600 global employees dedicated to advancing regulatory practices for their clientele. Ben Richmond, CUBE’s founder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, noting the prestige of Thomson Reuters for their regulatory analysis and journalistic acumen. He envisions that the melding of Thomson Reuters’ content with CUBE’s AI-driven technology will breed unprecedented innovation within the regulatory landscape, redefining the synergy between regulatory content and technological application. The forthcoming integration of CUBE’s advanced AI engine, RegBrain, and its RegPlatform with Thomson Reuters’s curated content promises a transformative effect on regulatory compliance abilities globally. Chris Maguire, General Manager at Thomson Reuters, echoes similar sentiments of optimism, having identified CUBE as a front-runner in providing regulatory intelligence to corporate giants within financial services and insurance. The assured seamless transition for both customers and employees exemplifies the promise of sustained growth and innovation. The transaction’s details remain undisclosed but the acquisition’s strategic outcome is clear: a potential paradigm shift in regulatory compliance and risk management platforms forecast to set a new industry standard. As an imminent player in this expansion, Hg, a prominent investor in CUBE, articulated the positive implications of integrating these complementary businesses into CUBE’s framework. Hg’s representatives, Christopher Fielding and Thomas Martin, heralded the acquisition’s facilitation of further innovation and heightened global demand for regulatory intelligence solutions. This development is in line with Hg’s larger mission to evolve critical software and service sectors, driving software digitization trends and transforming professional workplaces. The unprecedented scale and intellectual merger through this acquisition indicate a fortified future for CUBE and its customers, underpinning Hg’s ongoing support of such transformative industry endeavors. CUBE’s operational spread across continents, combined with its comprehensive AI-driven regulatory data and cutting-edge technology, positions the company as a transformative force in the regulatory sector. The article further elucidates on the nature of CUBE’s Automated Regulatory Intelligence and Regulatory Change Management solutions, showcasing CUBE’s preparation for maintaining an updated regulatory landscape across various jurisdictions. The intensification of CUBE’s capabilities owing to these acquisitions sets the stage for a pioneering service offering, one that will inevitably influence regulatory practices and compliance standards on a global scale.

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