Overland AI, a startup originating from the University of Washington, has raised $10 million in a seed funding round to advance its autonomous driving technology for off-road vehicles. Led by Voyager Capital and supported by partners like Point72 Ventures and Shasta Ventures, the funding will be used to advance Overland’s sophisticated AI and machine learning platforms. This technology has piqued interest from military bodies, which recently garnered Overland a $18.6 million contract with the U.S. Army. Overland’s innovative technology is designed to function without GPS, relying instead on machine learning and sensor inputs like LIDAR to navigate complex terrains. Founded only in 2022, Overland is also engaged with other defense projects, further solidifying its position in a niche market. Despite setbacks evident in other self-driving firms like Cruise and Argo AI, Overland is proving there is still viable ground—literally—in autonomous vehicle applications.

Autonomous Vehicles, Defense, Venture Capital,United States