Carbon13, a Cambridge-headquartered venture builder, has invested in six innovative ClimateTech startups through its Venture Launchpad accelerator program. Each startup is projected to potentially reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes per year at scale, the threshold set by Carbon13 for investment. The startups operate across various sectors including biochar-based polystyrene alternatives, smart wall HVAC systems, net-negative insect proteins, AI-powered circular fashion, and food waste management. The investments emphasize not only reducing emissions but also contributing to improved air quality, avoiding ecotoxicity, and microplastics. The six startups include Eslando, Carbon Cell, Future By Insects, Fermtech, Anzen Climate Wall, and Remy, formerly known as Taste Don’t Waste. Each startup has received £120,000 in funding, and four of the six teams include at least one female founder. The Venture Launchpad is run in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs.

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Carbon13 invests in 6 new ClimateTech startups