Qomodo, a cybersecurity startup founded by ex-BAE Systems and NATO experts, has secured £1.3 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Expeditions Fund, with participation from Amadeus Capital Partners, Auriga Cyber Ventures, Nio Advisors, McNally Capital, Ventures Together, and Techstars. The company focuses on developing a platform-agnostic system to detect and prevent threats in extended IoT (XIoT) environments. As IoT devices become increasingly integral to critical infrastructure and national security, the risk of sophisticated cyber-operations by nation-states and cybercriminals also grows. Qomodo’s solution involves robust, resource-efficient software agents to fortify IoT ecosystems against these threats. The funds will help enhance their software and expand their market reach in Europe and the US.

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qomodo raises £1.3m to secure the IoT against cyber threats