Lunit, a prominent medical AI imaging company based in South Korea, has successfully acquired Volpara Health Technologies, a New Zealand-based firm specializing in breast tissue density analysis. This strategic acquisition, initiated in September of the previous year and culminating in December, aims to harness the synergies between Lunit’s advanced AI algorithms and Volpara’s extensive dataset of over 117 million medical images. Lunit’s CEO, Suh Beom-suk, highlighted the potential for enhanced breast cancer screening technology and a robust entry into the U.S. market, leveraging Volpara’s presence in over 2,000 medical sites. Additionally, Lunit plans to expand Volpara’s solutions throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Volpara’s CEO, Teri Thomas, emphasized that the merger will facilitate significant improvements in early cancer detection and patient outcomes. Looking ahead, Lunit aims to become profitable by 2026, with projected sales growth driven by high-margin SaaS offerings.

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