Gresham House Ventures has committed a follow-on investment of £6.3 million into legal tech data governance leaders ActiveNav and Actfore. This move follows two previous investments in ActiveNav from the same firm in 2019 and 2021. ActiveNav, known for its data privacy and governance software, has been steadily expanding, especially after the launch of its cloud service in 2023. Actfore, which launched in 2022, focuses on data mining related to cyber incidents and has seen rapid growth due to the rising need for agile data analysis solutions. The investment aims to drive product innovation, expand market reach, and strengthen customer relationships. Gresham House Ventures has been active recently, with investments in Accredit Solutions, CitySwift, and Ozone API, and a successful exit from Master Removers Group.

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Gresham House Ventures has made a £6.3mn follow-on investment into legal tech data governance leaders ActiveNav and Actfore