Astek has announced the strategic acquisition of the French company Elysis, known for its expertise in project management consulting. This acquisition will enable Astek to enhance its project engineering offerings. Elysis, founded in 2011, has a workforce of 200 employees across six offices in France and Belgium, generating revenues of €17.6 million. The company initially established its reputation in the automotive and railway sectors and has since diversified into energy, aerospace, healthcare, infrastructure, and retail. Elysis will significantly bolster Astek’s project management and program capabilities, including cost and risk management, PMO, and project reporting services. The integration of Elysis’s skills into the Astek group is seen as a major step forward, reinforcing its position as a key player in French project management. Elysis’s founder, Jérémy Gonce, will remain at the helm, contributing to Astek’s ambition to become a global leader in technology and engineering consulting.

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