Equita Group S.p.A., an independent Italian investment bank, has announced its acquisition of a 100% stake in EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory. This transaction includes the rebranding of EQUITA K Finance S.r.l. to EQUITA Mid Cap Advisory. The acquisition led to the issuance of 991,734 new ordinary shares, increasing Equita Group’s share capital to 11,919,586.74 euros. This move also reinforces the partnership among managers, as co-founders and Co-CEOs Giuseppe Renato Grasso and Filippo Guicciardi join the Shareholders Agreement, which involves more than 30 managers and holds 35% of the share capital and 48% of voting rights. Through this transaction, Equita Group aims to consolidate its position in the mid-cap advisory market and leverage the strengthened partnership among key managers to drive further growth.

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