OncoveryCare, previously known as VivorCare, has successfully raised $4.5 million in seed financing to deploy its innovative cancer survivorship care model. With the primary investment led by .406 Ventures, and important contributions from Tennessee Oncology’s McKay Institute for Oncology Transformation, Oncology Ventures, and Techstars, the funds will support the expansion of OncoveryCare’s services. Tennessee Oncology will also partner with OncoveryCare, allowing the care model to be introduced widely across Tennessee. As the population of cancer survivors in the US is projected to rise significantly, there is a pressing need for structured and dedicated survivorship care. OncoveryCare aims to fill this gap with a virtual care model that includes toxicity management, mental health support, and preventative care, addressing both the short- and long-term challenges cancer survivors face. The partnership aims to scale up this innovative approach not just within Tennessee but potentially across the wider oncology sector.

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