Circularity Capital portfolio company, Shark Solutions, has joined the Circular Carpet Tiles consortium, an initiative led by the Danish Technological Institute aimed at creating a framework for the reuse of materials within the carpet industry. This consortium seeks to address the linear production model prevalent in carpet manufacturing by facilitating the production of circular carpet tiles using recycled materials and extending the life of used textiles. With operations across Europe and the US, Shark Solutions specializes in transforming recycled polyvinyl butyral (rPVB) from vehicle windshields into sustainable binders. This project, set to be completed by 2026, aims to reduce the carpet industry’s carbon footprint. Key stakeholders such as Jens Holmegaard, CEO of Shark Solutions, and Ian Nolan, founding partner at Circularity Capital, emphasize the importance of circular models and sector-wide collaboration to drive sustainable change.

Recycling, Textiles, Sustainable Manufacturing,Europe, United States, Denmark