Aperture Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that employs AI-driven intents, has successfully raised $12 million in a Series A funding round, bringing its valuation to $250 million. Led by top-tier venture capital firms Skyland Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Krypital Group, the funding will bolster Aperture’s efforts to develop intent-based architecture for DeFi. The platform simplifies interactions with DeFi protocols by allowing users to specify desired outcomes. It currently operates on nine EVM-compatible chains, registering over $2.7 billion in transaction volume and more than 280,000 unique users. Aperture intends to leverage its large language model (LLM) interface and expand its solver network to enhance user experience and accessibility. The native platform token, $APTR, is set for release on May 31, 2024.

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