Chloris Geospatial, a Boston-based leader in global forest carbon monitoring, announced the addition of the Cisco Foundation and NextSTEP as new investors. The new investments complement existing investors AXA IM Alts, Orbia Ventures, At One Ventures, and Counteract in a fresh funding round. Chloris’s advanced technology, spearheaded by Dr. Alessandro Baccini, uses Earth observation data combined with proprietary sensors and machine learning algorithms to provide reliable annual estimates of biomass density and quantify forest carbon stocks and changes. This technology aids governments, companies, and communities in tracking biomass dynamics and understanding the impact of forest carbon projects and supply chains. The new funding aims to meet evolving market needs, support Chloris’s continued commercial growth, and reinforce its position as a leading name in remote sensing for forest carbon accounting. Marco Albani, co-founder and CEO, welcomed the new investors, noting their confidence and commitment to delivering high-integrity data on climate action. Additionally, Adam Gibbon from AXA IM Alts joined Chloris’s board, underscoring the technological advancements and investment alignment with sustainable natural capital management. Cisco Foundation’s climate investor Elias Habbar-Baylac emphasized the foundation’s strategy to support scalable carbon sink management, while Claudio Colombo of NextSTEP highlighted the critical role of reliable control technologies in addressing climate change.

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