Satori Capital, a prominent private equity firm, has announced its investment in Automatic Fire Protection, LLC (AFP), a leading provider of fire sprinkler and alarm systems. Founded in 1970, AFP holds the oldest active fire sprinkler license in Texas and commands a strong presence in Dallas, San Antonio, and San Angelo. The company has built a noteworthy reputation for service and safety, driving robust revenue and EBITDA growth in recent years. Satori Capital plans to support AFP’s expansion by enhancing sales and marketing operations, recruiting key talent, introducing new services, and pursuing complementary acquisitions. This partnership aligns with Satori’s mission to back businesses that elevate humanity through stakeholder-centric practices. AFP’s leadership has prioritized safety and service for customers, employee development and opportunity, and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, embodying the principles Satori values.

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Satori Capital Invests in Automatic Fire Protection