NIO Capital Bulletin’s January 2024 edition chronicles a host of updates from NIO Capital’s portfolio companies. The month marked the initiation of post-investment empowerment campaigns with over 40 senior executives from the portfolio companies participating to imitate NIO’s successful corporate culture and values. Highlights include several companies, such as Seyond, Black Sesame Technologies, Ambilight, XREAL, and NOLO, exhibiting at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. Newrizon’s entry into the Middle East with its iC1 electric light trucks, Tuhu’s collaboration with PetroChina in Jiangsu, Eacon’s autonomous driving trucks’ milestone, and TrunkTech’s full-scenario autonomous trucking network are noted achievements in the mobility and logistics sector. Additionally, Inceptio Technology’s APEC award and’s Tianjin commercialization signal advancements in autonomous vehicle technology. Autolink’s integrated driving and cockpit domain controller and the sustainability initiatives led by PCG Power that contribute to a greener environment get a mention. Rongtong High Tech’s recognition by MIIT, AlphaESS’ display at the Intersolar event, XREAL’s new financing and product launches, BIBO’s Series A+ financing and partnership with Baolong Automotive, the collaboration between Seyond and Avikus, and the strategic alliances formed by Black Sesame Technologies exemplify the advancements in both frontier technology and new energy. Finally, United Winners’ commendation by CATL and BoCloud’s inclusion in Alibaba Cloud’s Financial Pioneer Alliance are celebrated achievements within NIO Capital’s vibrant ecosystem.

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