ExpressionEdits, a biotech spinout from the University of Cambridge, has successfully raised £10.2 million in a seed funding round. The funding, co-led by Octopus Ventures and Redalpine, also saw participation from several other investors including BlueYard Capital and Amino Collective. Founded in 2021 by Dr. Krt Tomberg, Professor Allan Bradley, and Dr. Liliana Antunes, the company’s groundbreaking intronisation technology mimics natural genetic processes to enhance gene expression. The capital injection will be used to fast-track the development of a pipeline of protein-based therapeutics and advance candidate selection for preclinical studies. ExpressionEdits’ innovative approach focuses on incorporating noncoding DNA sequences, known as introns, into artificial genes, which significantly improves protein production. This breakthrough aims to address historical challenges in the production and manufacturing of recombinant proteins. Dr. Hugo Villanueva from Octopus Ventures expressed strong support for the company’s mission, highlighting its potential to transform various protein expression systems and advance the field of genetic medicines.

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Cambridge spinout raises £10.2m ‘to revolutionise gene design’