Vendis Capital, a prominent European private equity firm specializing in the consumer sector, has entered the Dutch cosmetic treatment market by acquiring SOAP and BM Clinics. These acquisitions are aimed at broadening the reach of high-quality beauty treatments and enhancing the firm’s market position. The Dutch market for cosmetic treatments is growing rapidly, fueled by increasing demand for wellness and personal care among both women and men. SOAP, founded in 2005 by Esther and Stephanie Litjens, offers a range of premium beauty treatments across seven cities in the Netherlands. BM Clinics, established in 2013 by Monique Vonken in Eindhoven, is known for providing high-quality, affordable injectables in nine cities. The new group, managed by an experienced team including Stephanie Litjens, David Mosmuller, and newly appointed CEO David Sloff, plans to further expand through new clinic openings and an active buy & build strategy. Vendis Capital aims to leverage its expertise in brand building and market expansion to make the new group a European leader in cosmetic treatments.

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Vendis Capital enters the cosmetic treatment market with the acquisitions of SOAP and BM Clinics