Uridoki, a Japan-based marketplace for used goods, has transitioned to a company with an audit and supervisory board, appointing Yuta Suzuki as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and director, and Mamoru Miwa as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and director. Suzuki, who previously held the same position at Uridoki in 2019, will oversee business growth, customer acquisition, product management, and team building. Miwa, who formerly worked as an IPO project manager and CFO at Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc., and also served with Nomura Research Institute and Deloitte, will focus on financial strategy. A notable new addition is Yuriko Yoshitsune, appointed as a part-time auditor with a specialization in labor laws and intellectual property rights. Uridoki, founded in 2014, operates as a marketplace for physical and online resellers of used goods, collaborating with BookOffOnline.co.jp, NetOff.co.jp, and Suruga-ya.com. The company recently raised funds through a third-party allotment from investors such as DIP Corp., and it saw the value of purchasing requests reach $79 million in 2023.

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