Tether, a leading company in the digital asset industry, announced a strategic investment of $18.75 million in XREX Group, a regulated financial institution based on blockchain technology. The investment aims to drive innovation in the digital asset industry, facilitating cross-border payments based on USDT in emerging markets and advancing regulatory technology. With Tether’s funding, XREX will ensure compliant B2B cross-border payments in emerging markets, improving transaction efficiency and reducing costs. XREX will also collaborate with the Unitas Foundation to launch XAU1, a stablecoin paired with Tether Gold, providing clients with a stable alternative and inflation hedge. The partnership fosters advancements in RegTech, enhancing solutions for detecting and preventing illicit use of stablecoins. The strategic investment reflects Tether’s commitment to financial inclusion in emerging markets. Both organizations have a history of cooperating on compliance initiatives with law enforcement. XREX’s notable investors include the Taiwan National Development Fund, CDIB Capital Group, SBI Holdings, and other venture firms. XREX has secured a major payment institution license from Singapore’s Monetary Authority and operates under Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission. This development underscores Tether’s ongoing efforts to promote cryptocurrency adoption in underserved communities worldwide while bridging traditional finance and decentralized finance.

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