In a strategic move to bolster its capacity in emergency power restoration, Alectra Energy Services Inc., a division of Alectra Inc., has announced the acquisition of Gagnon Line Construction (GLC), a New Brunswick-based electrical services firm specializing in storm restoration. The acquisition is set to make Alectra the largest electricity grid storm restoration entity in Eastern Canada by combining GLC with its existing Holland Power Services Inc. The company aims to address the increasing challenges posed by severe weather events and ensure reliable power restoration services. Brian Bentz, CEO of Alectra Inc., expressed excitement over the acquisition, emphasizing the company’s commitment to community resilience. GLC, which has been operational since 1999, will continue under the management of its Founder and President Miguel Gagnon, who views the merger as a significant step in enhancing emergency power restoration capabilities. Ray Robinson, President of Holland Power Services, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the goal of becoming the North American leader in utility customer services. Alectra, serving over one million homes and businesses in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area, continues its mission of investing in critical energy infrastructure and innovative solutions to ensure a reliable energy future.

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