FFL Partners, a private equity firm specializing in growth investments in the healthcare and tech-enabled services sectors, has announced its investment in Apex Infusion, a leading provider of ambulatory infusion therapy services. Apex Infusion, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Signal Hill, California, supports patients with chronic illnesses by providing high-quality, reliable care, both at home and in ambulatory settings. The company’s services include intravenous immunoglobulin, specialty infusion, total parenteral nutrition, and other therapeutic services, operating from 11 California locations. Apex Infusion’s leadership team, led by CEO Moussie Hailemariam and Executive Chairman Rick Smith, has underscored its commitment to maintaining high standards of patient care while pursuing geographic and strategic growth opportunities with the backing of FFL’s extensive expertise and financial support. FFL Partners, known for its thematic and highly specialized investment approach, sees substantial growth potential for Apex Infusion through both de novo expansions and strategic acquisitions, enhancing the company’s capacity to meet the increasing demands in the healthcare sector.

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