The article provides a comprehensive overview of major mergers and acquisitions within the wealth management and financial services sectors that took place from January to May 2024 across the UK and MENA regions. Key highlights include HSBC’s sale of its French retail banking business to Crdit Commercial de France and the successful acquisition of DFP Health & Wealth Management by Succession Wealth. Boston Multi Family Office and AEW Europe also feature prominently, with significant acquisitions to bolster their market position. Noteworthy transactions include LarrainVial’s acquisition of a minority stake in Aubrey Capital Management, Objectway’s purchase of Canadian firm Nest Wealth, and FNZ’s acquisition of International Fund Services & Asset Management. Other crucial movements include Ocorian’s takeover of Bovill, General Atlantic’s minority stake in Partners Capital, and Allianz X’s major investment into AlTi Tiedemann Global. The article concludes with M&A activities involving firms like WineFi, Sienna Investment Managers, and BraddockMatthews, among others.

Wealth Management, Banking, Financial Services, Real Estate Management, FinTech,United Kingdom, France, MENA Region, Italy, Chile, Canada