Serapid, a global leader in heavy load transfer using rigid chain technology, has secured a unitranche debt financing of €21.7 million from Zencap. The financing deal, which includes an additional growth credit line of €10 million, will subject the company to several ESG criteria, such as carbon emission reductions. This move follows the acquisition of Serapid by its leaders Emeric Labesse and Guillaume Davies, along with LBO France. The group’s position has been bolstered by the launch of a new elevator offering, generating over €10 million in revenue in five years. With new production and assembly sites in France and the United States, Serapid aims to consolidate its global leadership. The company’s transformation is driven by strong demand for ecologically sustainable products. LBO France and Zencap have expressed their confidence in Serapid’s innovative capabilities and management quality. The financing will provide flexibility and visibility for future operations.

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Serapid secures a unitranche financing of 22 million euros