Banook Group, a global provider of technology and services for clinical trial operators, has announced the strategic acquisition of Keosys and B.Research to strengthen its offerings in central imaging and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA). The acquisitions position Banook as a leading technological service provider in clinical trials, enhancing its footprint in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Banook Group, supported by Motion Equity Partners since November 2023, aims to become a world leader in technological services for clinical trials. The acquisitions add valuable expertise and technology to Banook’s portfolio, allowing it to diversify offerings and accelerate international development, particularly in the United States. Keosys, located in Nantes, France, specializes in central imaging for oncology, while B.Research, based in Australia, offers comprehensive eCOA services. Both acquisitions will enhance Banook’s capabilities and market reach.

Clinical Trials, Medical Imaging, Health Technology,France, Australia, United States