CDP Venture Capital, a prominent Italian venture capital firm, has announced a significant investment exceeding €10 million (approximately $11 million) in Nozomi Networks, a leading global provider of OT and IoT security solutions. This contribution is part of Nozomi Networks’ recent Series E funding round, which raised a total of $100 million and also attracted investments from Mitsubishi Electric and Schneider Electric. Facilitated through CDP’s Large Ventures fund, this financial backing aims to bolster Nozomi Networks’ research, development, and commercial initiatives, particularly in safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Nozomi Networks, founded in 2013 and currently headquartered in San Francisco, is celebrated for its innovation in cybersecurity, especially through its advanced AI and machine learning-based solutions. The company has a substantial international presence, including offices and operations across multiple continents, and maintains robust ties with a variety of industry-leading OEM partners. The investment underscores the strategic importance of cybersecurity in industrial settings and highlights the ongoing integration of global technological efforts to reinforce critical security measures.

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