An unnamed Saudi Arabian royal family member is part of a $509 million bid to acquire UK Premier League football club Everton FC. This comes after a previous acquisition deal between the current majority owner, British-Iranian Farhad Moshiri, and 777 Partners collapsed last month. London businessman and lawyer Vatche Monoukian is also involved in the bid, along with other interested parties such as local businessmen Andy Bell and George Downing, and MSP Sports Capital, which has already lent the club £158 million. Everton FC, facing financial difficulties and a recent six-point docking for breaches in profitability and sustainability rules, is also noted for being the club where Wayne Rooney began his professional career. This potential acquisition could follow similar high-profile deals involving Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Premier League clubs, like the purchase of Newcastle United by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, and the buyout of Manchester City by Abu Dhabi investors.

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