In a significant move to bolster the Indian agricultural sector, Blue Earth Capital has finalized a $16 million direct credit investment into Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services Private Limited. Samunnati, India’s largest agri-enterprise, plays a pivotal role in providing financial and advisory services to underserved farmer collectives and agricultural enterprises. With agriculture contributing over 16% to India’s GDP and employing 43% of its workforce, the funding aims to address persistent financing and market access problems faced by smallholder farmers. Utilizing the funds, Samunnati will enhance its capacity to deliver crucial services across 28 states, affecting over 6500 farmer collectives and more than 3,500 agricultural enterprises. Amy Wang from Blue Earth Capital emphasized their goal to promote climate-smart agricultural practices, while Samunnati’s CEO Anil Kumar SG highlighted the transformative potential of this partnership. Both companies aim to make a significant impact on Indian agriculture, with Samunnati envisioning to impact one in every four farming households by 2027.

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Blue Earth Capital provides $ 16 million credit financing to Samunnati to improve access to finance for farmer collectives and agricultural enterprises in India