PQShield, a company specializing in post-quantum cryptography, has secured £29 million in Series B funding led by Addition and joined by Chevron Technology Ventures, Legal & General, Braavos Capital, and Oxford Science Enterprises. The funding will be used to expand PQShield’s commercial operations and meet the increasing demand for quantum-ready cryptographic solutions. The company, founded in 2018, has developed a range of cryptographic solutions applicable to hardware, software, and cloud applications, and it continues to support governments and agencies in transitioning to quantum security. CEO Ali El Kaafarani emphasized the urgency of adopting quantum-resistant encryption to safeguard sensitive data against future quantum computing threats. Recent hires include industry veterans Johannes Lintzen and Janssen Liston to bolster their US presence. PQShield’s technology is already integrated across various sectors, including secure communications in military systems and Hardware Security Modules used in financial transactions.

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Next-gen cyber firm PQShield secures £29m