Sustainable Green Team (SGTM) has completed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Regen Hubs North America, Inc., Regen Hubs International, Inc., and HumiRock, LLC, and their affiliates. The acquisition aims to significantly advance SGTM’s mission to position itself at the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices globally. The deal enlists the experience and expertise of several key figures including Chad Roy, Bobby Mann, and Gus Ibrahim, who will join SGTM as strategic advisors. Their roles are expected to facilitate SGTM’s Direct to Retail operations and expand its market presence. The collaboration also aims to create a comprehensive plan for product distribution across various market sectors, including partnerships with government entities, universities, and multiple commercial stakeholders in North America, Africa, Mexico, and Panama. Additionally, the acquisition focuses on leveraging Regen Hubs’ network to secure revenue-driving purchase orders and propel the adoption of regenerative agricultural technologies. The media collaboration, particularly with QVC and HSN, is expected to generate significant revenue streams, while also raising up to $100 million in investment capital to support SGTM’s sustainable growth initiatives.

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