Foregenix, a globally recognized payments cybersecurity firm, has announced the formation of a separate entity, Turaco Labs, specializing in advanced eCommerce security solutions. Established by co-founder Benjamin Hosack, Turaco Labs will focus on scaling the ThreatView Advanced product, aimed at protecting websites from malware and other attacks, while adhering to the new PCI DSS version 4.0 requirements. This strategic move allows Foregenix to concentrate on its core services, leveraging Turaco Labs’ technology to support its banking and payment processing clientele. Turaco Labs plans to staff its operations with 10-15 employees over the coming year and will collaborate closely with Foregenix. This spin-off underscores the increasing need for robust cybersecurity measures in the burgeoning eCommerce sector, demonstrated by the alarming rise in digital skimmer and loader attacks identified by Foregenix.

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Cyber firm Foregenix spins out tech into new company