Pixid Group has acquired VectorVMS, a vendor management software provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina. This acquisition, backed by Keensight Capital, aims to position the combined entity as a global leader in the vendor management software (VMS) market. Both companies specialize in providing innovative solutions for extended workforce management, with VectorVMS focusing on the mid-market and the US, while Pixid Group excels in VMS and ATS technology solutions, particularly for small and midsize businesses. Key executives from both companies, including Etienne Colella of Pixid Group and Marc Husain of VectorVMS, as well as Arjan Hannink from Keensight Capital, expressed their enthusiasm for the merger. This partnership aims to create a comprehensive global solution that can effectively meet the diverse needs of organizations worldwide.

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Pixid Group announces agreement to acquire US-based VectorVMS, with the support of Keensight Capital