Domfoam, a prominent Quebec-based manufacturer of high-quality foam products, has announced its strategic expansion into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Ontario market through the acquisition of Foamco Industries. This move aims to bolster Domfoam’s market share, enhance delivery services, and expand production capabilities. The acquisition will enable Domfoam to provide next-day delivery services across the GTA and Ontario, benefitting their customers with faster and more efficient services. Domfoam’s CEO, Jonathan Pomerantz, and VP Operations, Karim Khoury, both highlighted the significance of this acquisition in strengthening the company’s competitive positioning and ensuring sustained growth. With three existing manufacturing facilities in Quebec and the addition of Foamco’s facilities, Domfoam now operates five manufacturing plants totaling over 550,000 square feet. This expansion not only increases Domfoam’s production capacity but also solidifies its presence in both Quebec and Ontario markets. Plant Manager, Pino Cappuccino, emphasized the acquisition’s role in making Domfoam a more robust and stable company ready to challenge its competitors.

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