CBC Group, Asia’s largest healthcare-dedicated asset management firm, announced that its portfolio company, Hasten Biopharmaceutical, has successfully acquired the asset rights of 14 branded products from South Korean biopharmaceutical company Celltrion. Hasten will own the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) rights for these products in eight countries and regions, including South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and China Hong Kong S.A.R. The deal is part of Hasten’s strategy to expand its product portfolios in chronic disease areas such as hypertension and diabetes. The acquisition is a key milestone facilitated by CBC Group’s hands-on ‘investor-operator’ approach, leveraging its expertise in cross-border buyouts to support international expansion. In 2023, CBC co-led a $315 million fundraising round for Hasten and facilitated the acquisition of Rocephin’s commercial rights in Mainland China from Roche. CBC Group, headquartered in Singapore, manages $8.8 billion in assets across various healthcare sectors.

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