BMI Mergers & Acquisitions has successfully brokered the sale of Bardot Plastics, a renowned custom injection molding firm based in Easton, PA, to New Pendulum Corporation. Founded in 1973 by J. Lee Boucher, Bardot Plastics has built a reputation for quality and reliability, specializing in high-volume production using both engineered and non-engineered resins. Represented by BMI, Bardot Plastics received twelve offers before finalizing the transaction with New Pendulum, a family-owned investment portfolio. The Boucher family praised BMI for facilitating an exit strategy that aligned with their vision for the company’s future. New Pendulum’s CEO, Clark Stapelfeld, highlighted the strong cultural fit and operational alignment as key drivers for the acquisition. BMI, a reputable lower-middle market M&A firm, continues to be a leading name in facilitating such transactions, backed by their association with StillPoint Capital for securities transactions.

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