eKomi Holding GmbH, a pioneering leader in customer experience solutions, has acquired Serverion BV, a notable Dutch web hosting company. This acquisition is pivotal for eKomi’s strategic expansion aimed at bolstering its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. The acquisition also significantly strengthens eKomi’s presence in the Dutch market, where its Klantenvertellen brand is already well-established. Spearheaded by Managing Directors Gunther Schmidt and Michael Ambros from eKomi, and CEO Desmond van Der Winden from Serverion BV, the deal was facilitated by Steven Stefano Endrizzi from MergersCorp M&A International. Through this acquisition, eKomi aims to enhance its proprietary network infrastructure to offer more robust and secure customer experience solutions, enhance data security and compliance, and realize substantial cost savings and operational synergies. This strategic move also adds 3000 B2B customer relationships to eKomi’s portfolio, thereby improving its market footprint and profitability.

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