Japan-based recruitment firm DIP Corp. has announced significant management changes effective July 1, appointing Keiichiro Nagashima as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Nagashima, who was previously the General Manager of the DX Product Development Division, will also continue in that role. Additionally, he was named the executive manager of the AI-Agent business group, responsible for launching Japan’s first interactive part-time job search engine. He replaces Takatomo Suzuki, who will retain his position as Chief Information Officer (CIO). DIP Corp. was founded in 1997 and reported revenue of $351 million and an operating profit of $83.3 million for the fiscal year ending in February. The company generates most of its revenue through job media services like Baitoru, Baitoru NEXT, Baitoru PRO, and Hatarako.net. Its main competitors are Recruit Holdings and Persol Career.

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