Olon Group, a leading global integrated CDMO, has announced the acquisition of GTP Bioways Group, a French biotech CDMO specializing in mAbs, enzymes, proteins, nanodrugs, ADCs, and F&F. Based in multiple locations across France, GTP Bioways provides comprehensive services to biopharmaceutical companies, focusing on innovative therapies from preclinical development to commercial stages. The acquisition enhances Olon’s capabilities, particularly in ADCs, microbial, and mammalian fermentation, and biotherapeutics through the integration of GTP Bioways’ expertise. Olon aims to leverage this acquisition to create new business opportunities, expand its customer base and market reach, and strengthen its service pipeline. The transaction also aligns with Olon’s ongoing strategy of growth through strategic acquisitions. Olon has also announced a forthcoming investment in a high-containment facility dedicated to Ultra High Potent API development and production, underlining the company’s commitment to advancing its technological offerings.

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO),France, Italy