Charlotte-based Whistle Express Car Wash has significantly expanded its presence by acquiring 15 locations from its local competitor, Fins Car Wash. These newly acquired sites will be rebranded as Whistle Express locations, further establishing the company’s dominance in both North and South Carolina. Under the leadership of CEO Jose Costa, Whistle Express has grown rapidly with a network that includes 150 locations across several states, doubling in size over the past 24 months. Majority-owned by Los Angeles-based Oaktree Capital Management, Whistle Express aims to continue this growth trajectory through additional mergers and acquisitions. Their innovative technology and customer-centric services, including the Unlimited Wash Club Membership and sustainability initiatives, have made them a formidable competitor in the car wash sector. As they look to expand further, the company is actively encouraging other car wash owners to sell their operations through a dedicated form on their website.

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