Anacura, a leading analytical centre based in Ghent, Belgium, has announced the acquisition of, a Ghent University spin-off specializing in advanced -omics technology. This strategic acquisition is set to expand Anacura’s capabilities in drug discovery and diagnostics research. Anacura, well-known for offering personalized and evidence-based laboratory solutions through its entities AnaBioTec and Labo Nuytinck, aims to further consolidate its market leadership position with this move. Griet Nuytinck, CEO of Anacura, emphasized that will complement existing business units and enhance service offerings. Established in 2019, excels in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics, accelerating drug discovery and quality control of biologics and advanced therapeutic products. The founder of, Gerben Menschaert, shared optimism about the merger, highlighting the synergistic values and mission shared by both companies. The acquisition not only strengthens Anacura’s portfolio but also positions it as a foremost player in the Ghent Biotech ecosystem.

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