AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has announced the renaming of its AXA WF Metaverse fund to AXA WF AI & Metaverse. This change represents an expansion of the fund’s investment scope to encompass the broader Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape and its growth opportunities beyond the confines of the Metaverse. Tom Riley, Head of Global Thematic Strategies at AXA IM Equity, emphasized the synergies between AI and the Metaverse, stating that the expanded investment universe will allow the fund to capture more compelling opportunities as AI continues to revolutionize various sectors. The fund, managed by Pauline Llandric and Brad Reynolds, will continue to target cutting-edge AI companies while adapting to the rapidly evolving tech landscape. AXA IM, a prominent player in the technology investment space, launched the original Metaverse strategy in 2022, and now manages approximately $6 billion in disruptive technology assets.

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