Cold Pad, a French deep tech innovator in non-invasive mechanical attachment systems, has secured a 7 million euro funding round. This fundraising, led by NCI Gestion through its NCITY fund along with LBO France’s NewStone fund, marks an important milestone for Cold Pad as it aims to broaden its market reach in wind, nuclear energy, and construction industries. Cold Pad’s patented technology is seen as a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods, offering significant advantages such as ease of installation, safety, and minimized production disruptions. The technology also promises to extend infrastructure lifespan, reduce rare earth elements usage, and substantial steel savings in wind turbines. Major French companies like EDF and TotalEnergies acknowledge Cold Pad’s technological advancements. Additionally, non-dilutive funding support comes from BPI France and the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator. The founders, Jean-Philippe Court and Julien Bec, emphasize their commitment to democratizing non-invasive solutions and accelerating the energy transition.

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NCITY mène une levée de 7M€ chez COLD PAD, deeptech française du secteur de l’énergie