In the past year, Helix Kapital has experienced significant accomplishments despite a challenging economic landscape. The firm welcomed new investment professionals, achieved two successful exits with an average MOIC of 4.6X, and closed its third fund, reaching its hard cap. Despite a decline in global private equity fundraising, Helix Kapital’s thematic small-cap investment strategy has attracted substantial investor interest. Successful exits of Heda Security and Holms Attachments illustrated the firm’s adeptness at navigating a weak M&A market, demonstrating resilience and growth in non-cyclical sectors. Looking forward to 2024, Helix Kapital remains optimistic about their pipeline of deals and the prospects of economic recovery influencing their investment strategy. The firm places a strong emphasis on industrial innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability in their investment decisions and maintains a dual focus on organic and acquired growth. Additionally, ESG considerations are woven into both their pre-investment processes and during ownership, significantly contributing to their value creation.

Private Equity, Investment Management, Industrial Innovation, ICT (Information and Communications Technology),Nordic Region, Europe

Feature: Helix Kapital – Successful exits and fundraising