In its quest to become a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions in the Nordic region, Telenor Cyberdefence has announced the acquisition of Combitech AS, previously known as Watchcom Security Group. Established in June, Telenor Cyberdefence aims to strengthen its position in the cybersecurity market for both private and public sectors. With this acquisition, Telenor Cyberdefence adds valuable expertise and expands its customer base, aligning with its strategic ambitions. Combitech AS, a Norwegian arm of the Swedish security company Combitech AB, is owned by Saab and offers services including security consulting, penetration testing, and cloud-based monitoring. The acquisition will see Anders Thulin Rkke, CEO of Combitech AS, take on the role of COO at Telenor Cyberdefence. The purchase price remains confidential.

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