Rocket55, a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency, has expanded its capabilities for the first time in over 15 years through the strategic acquisition of Pixelsmith and BaseIntel. The acquisition aims to enhance Rocket55’s web development capabilities and AI-powered search technology. Pixelsmith, known for its high-quality web development, will bring its custom development expertise to Rocket55. BaseIntel’s advanced AI search technology will further augment Rocket55’s service offerings. Curtis Smith, President and CEO of Rocket55, emphasizes that this move not only strengthens their leadership in AI but also significantly boosts their web development prowess. Mike Voermans, founder of Pixelsmith, will join Rocket55 as the Director of AI Development, focusing on custom development, integrations, and eCommerce through the BaseIntel platform. Rocket55 currently serves over 120 clients and employs more than 90 digital experts.

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