Empire State Development (ESD) has announced the opening of the Quicklees Travel Center in the Town of Niagara, supported by a grant from the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council. The facility, located at 6021 Porter Road, is designed to support the trucking and tourism industries. It features a convenience store, a Tim Hortons restaurant, a laser vehicle wash, and various other amenities to attract truck drivers, tour bus operators, and tourists. The travel center is expected to alleviate congestion at border crossings and provide a convenient location for refueling. Quicklees is in the process of hiring 15 new full-time employees to staff the facility. The project received a $500,000 grant and a 10-year tax incentive package from the Niagara County IDA, with a total cost nearing $7 million. Local officials, including Senator Rob Ortt and Assemblymember Angelo Morinello, have praised the project for its potential economic and job benefits to Niagara County.

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