Dundee Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary Dundee Resources Limited, has acquired 6,000,000 units of SPC Nickel Corp. at a unit price of $0.05, resulting in an aggregate investment of $300,000. This transaction boosts Dundee’s holdings to 31,243,650 common shares and 3,000,000 warrants in SPC Nickel Corp., representing a 16.27% interest on an undiluted basis and a 17.56% interest on a partially diluted basis. Prior to this acquisition, Dundee held a 16.55% interest. The acquisition is part of Dundee’s strategic investment initiatives within the mining sector. The purchase is primarily for investment purposes and complies with National Instrument 62-103 requirements. Dundee remains committed to reviewing its investment in the issuer based on market conditions and potential future developments.

Mining, Investment,Canada